More picture-less updates

February 19, 2007 at 9:57 pm Leave a comment

Sorry folks, but I dont’ have my memory card reader with me, so I can’t post any new pictures.  Don’t worry, I’ll be putting up a whole bunch of new shots in a couple days when I get back to Seoul.

Today, we went to 부성 녹차밭 (Boseong Green Tea Plantation.)  It was pretty impressive.  There are huge hills that have been terraced for growing tea bushes.  The plantation is pretty massive, and we only saw a small part.  It is designed for sightseeing, and several paths criss-cross the area.

 As you might expect, there was a gift shop selling all kinds of green tea, and green tea accessories.  But interestingly enough, we couldn’t find a place there that would pour us a cup of fresh tea!  Despondent, we headed back to Gwangju for dinner.

Tomorrow evening we head back for Seoul on the KTX bullet train.


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In Front Of Them All Finally

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