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May 12, 2007 at 7:14 pm Leave a comment

OK, It’s semi-official. I’ll be here for at least one more year. This week I had to turn in a form expressing my interest in renewing my contract. I won’t sign any new contract for another month or so, but this is the first step toward that. I’ll be staying at the same school, but doing everything I can to find another apartment.

I’d like to move a little bit closer to the orphanage. It will mean a much longer commute each day to/from work, but I’m comfortable with that as it will provide me significant time each day to read – something which I have certainly been lacking in the past couple months. I’ll go from a 25-30 minute commute door to door to one that will take about an hour. It’s more than twice as far, but that’s probably what it amounts to. Since I spend a few evenings each week at the orphanage, I would rather leave there and go directly home rather than travel halfway across the city again just to sleep. And housing over there is dirt cheap. I should be able to save some additional money on top of the rent subsidy that my school will give me.


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Exams.. Airing some dirty “garbage.”

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