When you hire someone to do your dirty work.

May 23, 2007 at 12:09 pm Leave a comment

There’s an article today covering some more events in the recent downfall of the chairman of the Hanwha company, a huge construction and chemical conglomerate here in Korea. 

(from Korea Times, 23 May, 2007) 

Hanwha Group Chairman Kim Seung-youn, who is in jail for an alleged revenge attack, has reached a deal with the victims in the scuffle in which they expressed their hope that charges against him would be dropped. But the prosecution said that it has no influence on the indictment against the chairman.

Kim is charged with mobilizing gangsters to kidnap and assault six men, out of revenge on behalf of his son, but the six men have asked charges against Kim be dropped after receiving compensation money on May 19, the police said Tuesday. They have already sent the agreement to the court.

It has not been confirmed how much money Kim gave them, but it is estimated at around 15 million won (about $15,000) to each based on the tender that Kim deposited with the court.

Prosecutors have interrogated Kim on his major charges of the use of violence, collective assault, use of weapons, kidnapping and mobilization of gangsters. He admitted that he assaulted the six men but denied other allegations that he mobilized gangsters for the revenge attack.

 Yes.  “Mobilization of gangsters” is a the official name for that crime.  Gangsters are real in Korea, and possibly a way alot of business gets done.  I’ve been told though, that they don’t use guns.  Guns are pretty hard to come by in Korea, and I guess even the gangsters have a hard time getting a hold of them.  Instead, they use swords.


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