I might just be nuts..

December 6, 2007 at 1:51 pm 4 comments

I won’t make any apologies about my rather infrequent updates! You’ll just have to deal with it!

The school year is winding down in a couple weeks (sort of) and winter vacation is coming up! I ‘say sort’ of because the semester isn’t actually over. School closes December 22nd, and opens again on Jauary 28. Then, closes again from the 6th, reopens on the 11th, only to close yet again on the 14th. The second semester officially begins March 3rd. Part of the craziness is due to the Lunar new year, but I still can’t understand why they close for all of January, only to have 10 more days of nothing (all exams and what not are finished) before students graduate or move up, and then close again for 2 weeks. It defies my Western logic.

Anyway, even though that’s a LOT of vacation time, I still have to work during 3 weeks in January teaching English day camp. Better than doing nothing, I guess, but I wouldn’t turn down vacation!

Some of you may recall that I want to go study Spanish in Latin America after leaving Korea. I’ve toyed with Spanish before, albeit very briefly when I was teaching in Maryland. The school was developing a Spanish immersion program, and I got to learn some Spanish there. Spanish comes pretty easy to me, but I’ve never really studied it formally. I want to. Right now, I’d like to go to Honduras, and maybe Mexico for a few months just to study Spanish. But I’d like to start right now! Leaving Korea right now isn’t really an option, but I can take advantage of the internet and all the new language learning tools available! So, in the midst of my Korean, I’m also going to be working on Spanish.



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Kicking it up a notch with 漢子 (Chinese Characters) 오랫 많아! (Long time, no see)

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  • 1. 선현우  |  December 6, 2007 at 4:26 pm

    Bueno! Practicamos juntos!! 😀

  • 2. Eleena  |  December 6, 2007 at 6:16 pm

    You’re not nuts, just very brilliant! Great idea starting your Spanish studies before you head to Latin America. As you already know, there are a ton of resources out there for Spanish learners that are getting their footing in the language, like the Notes in Spanish, Coffee Break and InstaSpanish podcasts.

    Regarding countries for language study, is Guatemala on your list? The language instruction there is typically one-on-one classes in the language academies there and it is low-priced in comparison to other places in Latin America. I know a couple of people who went there to study Spanish, so if you want some names of schools to check out, email me privately and I will get you some more info.

    ¡Hasta luego!

  • 3. Mom  |  December 9, 2007 at 6:05 am

    Feliz Navidad!

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