One week down…and then some

September 25, 2008 at 4:13 am Leave a comment

Well, I’ve been in Copán for just about 1 week. I’ve had 20 hours of Spanish lessons, eaten lots of refriend beans and tortillas, and been awoken before the sun rose by roosters every day. It has been exciting. The Spanish is coming along. At the moment I am pretty much restricted to the present tense, which while it seems limiting, provides enough challenges.

I am living with a local family. I have my own private room and bathroom, and they feed me three times a day. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

So far I haven’t done a lot of extra activities. My lessons are in the morning. Starting next week I’ll be going to an orphange in the aftnernoons. That was a big part of my life in Korea, and helped me pick up the language much faster. I’m looking forward to what that will look like here.

As far as pictures go, you can see some of them here:

I’m working on posting other pictures to a more public site but most of the time, it goes frustratingly slow!


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