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Finding a Group to Lead

Have you read Tribes by Seth Godin?  If not, I highly recommend it.  It’s a quick read.  If you are armed with a good pot of coffee and a warm spot to sit, you might tackle it in a day.  But it is the kind of book you can consume in bite-sized pieces if you wish.  In his conversational style, Seth writes about the phonomenon of tribes.  Now before you get your warpaint and blowdart gun ready, it’s not that type of tribe (although I imagine Seth might support your quest to lead such a tribe.)

Tribes are simply groups of people united around a common interest, goal, or idea.  There are literally dozens of groups like this that are waiting to be activated. It could be a group of Korean langugae enthusiasts (shameles plug), civil-war era stamp collectors,  or it could be your sales team at work.  Whoever it is, these groups need someone to lead them.  Seth encourages his audience to be the leader for some group.  To find it, and lead it.  In fact, in the modern internet age, these groups are even easier to find.  The internet also makes collaborating with these groups incredibly easy.

What groups are you a part of?  What groups could you lead?  Isn’t there something about which you are passionate, and around which you could gather people to collaborate?

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